I remember the countless hours scrolling through properties online when my wife and I were looking for a house.

I remember crunching mortgage rates, rushing to house tours after work, and making pros and cons lists to narrow our search.

My experience may sound familiar, or perhaps you find the whole process tedious and are leaning towards renting indefinitely. While everyone's real estate experience varies, most of the time, people find a property that meets their needs. 

With all of the time, energy, and finances invested in buying a house, learning more about the property before buying is a wise decision. Inspections help you identify immediate safety concerns, budget for future projects, or negotiate final purchase details.

As a homeowner who purchased a foreclosure to renovate, and as an inspector, know that every house will come with its own work and cost of ownership. In the end, though, I hope you find a house you can call, "home sweet home."

Best of luck on your search!

Andrew Cleveland
Owner & WI Inspector #3701-106
Home Sweet Home Inspections, LLC



As a certified member of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (I-NACHI), I have access to online training, forums, resources, and professional networks to stay current in the field as well as complete continuing education courses for my licensure.

As I travel to and from properties throughout the region, it's important for me to remember the impact my business can have on the environment. Investing in carbon offsets is how Home Sweet Home Inspections, LLC helps reduce the impact of greenhouse gas emissions.

I-NACHI inspectors are covered by a $10,000 guarantee should any property be stolen during an inspection. While it goes without saying Home Sweet Home Inspections, LLC doesn't incorporate illegal activities in business practices, I-NACHI provides this coverage for the client's peace of mind.